About Rockey Genes

I have the surname of Rockey and my ancestral roots are from around the Devon area of England. 

My late Grandfather had done a lot of research into our past but once he passed on I didn’t know what became of it and had never thought much about it. After a trip to England and having chats with relatives about the family I discovered they didn’t know much either, after this I decided to try and find out as much as I could. I came across the books on the front cover and thought that others attempting to research their own family history may find the content useful.

I spent many a late night adding the details from the books into csv files, once these were done I needed to find a mechanism that would display this data and have it searchable. I came across the TablePress plugin and the rest is history.

My Genealogy research is still ongoing, my late Grandfather had literally 100’s of documents from people doing research for him, letters from Parish ministers and from Family all with little snippets of information.

I wish you the best with your own research.

Admin of Rockey Genes