How to use this site

This is Rockey Genes how to page, this page shows you how to use the search function located on both of the BMD listing pages. The tables are created from a WordPress plug-in called Table Press which you can download from here

BMD Early List BMD Late List

Navigating around the listings is easy, there is a drop down box top left to select displayed records. Each column can be sorted, you can scroll between pages with the arrow buttons bottom right, the number of returned results is bottom left and in the top right is the search box which is explained further below.

Sorry for the fuzzy pictures I reduced the image size a little to speed up the page loading times.


Using the early BMD list as an example type in say John then a space and Tetcott ( no need to press enter the results are instant) you will get all John’s in Tetcott.

Nothing special about that you say, but this is where it gets fun type in 160 Jo Bap this shows you all records with the year starting with 160 so 1600 to 1609, Jo which is anyone with the first two letters of their name starting with Jo and Bap is Bapt (short for Baptism) the result.

Perfect, but it doesn’t have to be in that order, lets try something else to get the same result above, lets see what Bap Jo 160 gives me and as you can see exactly the same result which you’d expect of a database but not a table.

Ok another test, lets see if I can get it to pick up Magdalyn, typing in Mag gives me these results

Now what if I had 1000’s of records and many Magdalyn’s you could just narrow it down further like the next example. I want to find Joane who was the Daughter of Magdalyn, what if all the records you had of Joane only had her listed as Jo but you knew her Mum was Magdalyn lets type Jo Mag, and there she is.

But suppose we don’t know her name we only know her Mother, in this particular record my Grandfather entered Daughter of Magdalyn lets try Dau Mag, we get exactly the same result which is what we wanted.

Experiment around with the search box, you will get the hang of it quite quickly.